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Major DXpeditions and other rare DX on-the-air right now! Every web link you'll need to work them better, faster and funner-one site to rule them all! CallingDX.com

ACTIVE DXpeditions "On-The-Air" Right Now:

The E6GG DXpedition to Niue is just a few days away!

There are also some other great DX catches featured below in "This Weekend's DX!"

This Weekend's DX! "This Weekend's DX!" UPDATED September 11, 2015

MAJOR DXpeditions / Rare DX Coming SOON:

E6GG / Niue - QRV September 15-29, 2015

DXpeditions / No Longer Active / Now QRT:

                    - DXpedition to Liechtenstein  HB/OO6P Liechtenstein

                      DXpedition to Market Reef coming soon  OJV Market Reef

E6ZS DXpedition   E6ZS E6NK E6SS E6TE - Niue

                      DXpedition links to online log QSL info Clublog  VK9NT Norfolk Island

DX0P Spratly
                      Islands  DXP Spratly Island

ZL7E DXpedition Chatham Island
                      now QRT  ZL7E Chatham Island

                      DXpedition links  V6Z Micronesia

C21EU DXpedition links  C21EU - Nauru

PQ0T DXpedition links  PQT - Trindade

DXpedition to 9N7CC 9N7FD
                      9N7WE Nepal now QRT  9N7CC / 9N7FD / 9N7WE - Nepal

                      DXpedition links now QRT  9QHQ - Democratic Republic of Congo

                      DXpedition links now QRT  VU4A / VU4I - Andaman & Nicobar

                      DXpedition to Malawi now QRT  7QAA - Malawi

                      DXpedition links now QRT  E30FB - Eritrea

                      DXpedition links now QRT  E51UFF - North Cook Island

                      DXpeditions now QRT  T88TI / T88GI / T88XX - Palau

                      DXpeditions now QRT  FP/KV1J - St. Pierre & Miquelon

                      DXpeditions now QRT  ZD8D - Ascension Island

                      DXpedition links now QRT  3G0ZC- Juan Fernandez Island

                      DXpeditions now QRT HB0/HA7JTR - Liechtenstein

We have every link you'll need to work the major DXpeditions better, faster and funner!

At CallingDX.com you'll find links to the current DXpedition's own website, as well as links to their QRZ, Facebook and Twitter pages plus links to cluster spots, QSL info, online logs, pilot info, live "realtime" chat forums as well as urgent updates while the DXpedition is still active and "on-the-air."

You'll also get news directly from the DXpedition teams, photos, Youtube videos and much more ...

If it helps you get the DX and it's on the web - there's a link to it here!

Here's a brief YouTube video of E30FB asking for "NA" only...


* photo at top of page courtesy of N7OU see his interview on DX-Coffee here!


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Other links where you may find important info regarding current and future DX activations: DX-World  |  The Daily DX  |  QRZ.com DX Forum  |  E-Ham.net DX Forum   |  The Reverse Beacon Network  |  ClubLog  |  Announced DX Activations


Month by Month Major DXpedtion Calendar 2015

for a "printer friendly" version of the DXpedition calendar click here...

Jan Feb March:

9N7 - Nepal
7QAA - Malawi
C21EU - Nauru
V6Z - Micronesia


PQT - Tindade & Martin Vaz Island
ZL7E - Chatham Island
DXP - Spratly Island
VK9NT - Norfolk Island





HB/OO6P - Liechtenstein
OJV - Market Reef

July August

E6GG - Niue



TX3X - Chesterfield Islands
PYF - Fernando de Noronha
T32DX - Christmas Island (Kiritimati)


T32DX - Christmas Island (Kiritimati - cont)
VKEK - Heard Island


VKEK Heard Island (cont)
3YF - Bouvet
VK9L - Lord Howe Island





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